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Finger Guard

Finger guard / protection for doors and frames

Avoid the children getting their fingers caught in the door - Effective protection profiles for the door frame

When you have small children in the home, it can not be avoided that they occasionally stick their fingers between the door and the frame, and it can be incredibly dangerous if you close the door without discovering the children's fingers.
These finger protection profiles can protect your doors to avoid squeezing the children's fingers. The products are specifically aimed at homes with small / small children, but also for nurseries and kindergartens where many children are gathered in one place. The finger guard is easy to mount and fits most doors.
The profiles come in shortened pieces just to mount, and with everything you need. There are several different types of finger protection available, so you can secure the vast majority of doors on the market.
If you have any doubts about how to protect your doors in the best possible way, so that the children do not get their fingers clamped in the door, call our sales team, who can help with the best solution.
We stock all the profiles of our finger protection lenses for doors and door frames.

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