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Boat fendering - Fenders for your boat ?

Fenders for your boat can be a jungle, but we can help you!

We have the largest selection of fender profiles in stock and for the right price. There is money to be saved by shopping your fender lists with us.
Boat fenders protect your yacht, boat or dinghy from scratches and scuffs when they dock and give the boat a perfect finish. A fender profile usually goes all the way around the boat, and is available in many different types, shapes and colors. We have put together a large selection of the most used boat fendering profiles.

Which fender profile will fit your boat ...?

When you need to find a new fender profile for your boat, it is best to determine what type of fender profile your boat uses. Do you have a flat or flanged (i.e. lipped) surface upon which to fit your fendering ?. It is here incredibly important to get measured the thickness of this edge, so when you go search for a new fender profile, you will not end up with the wrong boat fender profile. With our selection of boat fender profiles, there should be one that will fit your particular boat. The majority of fender profiles today are made of PVC or EPDM rubber, and it is also these 2 type of material you need to keep an eye on in your pursuit of boat fendering profiles. All our fender lists are approved for seawater, and will last for many years.

Did you not find the boat fendering profile you where looking for, please feel free to contact us so that we may obtain a fender profile that fits your boat.

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