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    By ordering 1 pcs of this product, you will be able to receice product samples of 10cm of the products you want.We receive lots of requests for samples, and this is to cover the shipping costs and products.On checkout page, please write article numbers for the samples you want.

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    Her bestiller du en 10cm vareprøve af et profil, ved at udfylde kommentarfeltet på ordren med den ønskede profil. Det koster 50kr pr profil, og ønskes flere prøver, skrives alle numrene i kommentarfeltet.

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If you want a sample of a profile, you can use the product in this category. It will cost a fee to cover products and shipping costs.
You will receive 10cm of the profile you want. In order comment field, type the item number, and process the order.

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