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    Metal suction cup.Max load: 40kg The price is per. PCS.

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    Triple metal suction cup.Max load: 120kg The price is per. PCS.

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Suction cups for mounting glass, glass lift and glass handling

At PLProfiles we stock several different types and sizes of glass suction cups for professional and DIY people. Using a suction cup is the most effective way to work with glass as you get the most optimal working position and you have better control of the glass when using glass cups. The suction cups can also be used to lift other materials with a flat surface. It could be mirrors, stones, tiles and the like. Place the suction cup on the smooth surface and create a vacuum so that you can lift the material with the suction cup handle. We stock the suction cups in different models, so there is a model for any lifting task. You can order simple suction cups, double suction cups or triple suction cups.
Then lift or move large pieces of glass or mirror, then order a suction cup for the task and avoid accidents.

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