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Mud flaps

Rubber mudflaps for trucks, trailers and machines

We can also offer mudflaps with logo - get your company logo or slogan on your mudflap!

At PLProfiles we stock a selection of universal rubber mudflaps, which can be used on trucks, for trailers or for garden / park machines. If you do not find the size / model mudflap you are looking for, grab our sales team, who will quickly be able to determine if it is a size / model we can obtain. There are many advantages to using a mudflap with logo ... you can relatively cheaply advertise your business with text and logo. We can make mudflaps with print in several colors ... the only thing you as a customer have to do, is send us your logo or text, and we will do the rest.
Our mudflaps is sold throughout Europe and are made of a solid and strong rubber compound that ensures they last for many years and in all kinds of weather.
The mudflaps we stock are the most common for trucks and vans. If you want a logo or a text printed on your mudflap, then you have to expect a production time of approx. 2 weeks for preparation of cliche.
So, if you are looking for cheap mudflaps with print, then there is a great chance we can be your new supplier ... Give us a call and let us calculate a price for you. We are ready by the phone.

Special long mudflaps for semi-trailers

If you are looking for a long mudflap for your semi-trailer, then we stock them in black without print, but can also supply them with print. Mudflaps for semi-trailers are an obvious choice for you as a hauler, for advertising your company or similar. Due to the large size and good exposure behind the trucks, these truck mudflaps will be an obvious advertising space. The possibilities are many ...

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