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Horse Trailer Mats  

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    Width: 175cmLength: 155cm Color: BlackTemp: -20° to +70°CHardness: shore A ± 5°Tensile Strength: 3.0 MPa  Price per piece.

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    Width: 244cmLength: 120cm Color: SortTemp: -30° to +70°CHardness: 65° shore A ± 5° Price is per piece.

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Horse Stall Mats / Horse Trailer Mats

Rubber horse trailer mats for horse trailers or animal transport. Made of massive slip-proof rubber with grooves across. Can be glued to the horse trailer.
Are you upgrading your horse trailer, please remember to replace the rubber matting, so your horse do not slip on a broken mat. Its important that your rubber matting on the horse trailer is always in good condition. If the rubber starts to crack or fall into pieces, its a sign that you should replace it with a new horse mat. We stock the two most common sizes of rubber mats for horse trailers.

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