Complaints & Cancellation

We offer a basic 2 year warranty on items purchased from, as long as you have purchaed as end user. If you buy on behalf of a company warranty is only 1 year, according to danish law. Are there additional warranty or guarantee, it will appear separately on the invoice.

Damage to products caused by ourself is not covered by the warranty.


As a consumer, you have 14 days full refund, on everything bought through our website, as long as you have not cut, or changed the products you received. These 14 days is calculated from the day you receive your order. We will refund the article price on the invoice, when bought.
To use the 14 day refund policy, you must hand over the shipment to the carrier within 14 days of receipt.

The condition for the refund is that the item is returned in the same condition, as you received it. If the goods are not returned in the same condition, we will evalute the product, and estimate a potential re-sales value, and offer you that.

When using the refund policy, you should return the order in ORIGINAL PACKAGING. Lack of ORIGINAL PACKAGING causes usually a deterioration of sales value, and we will make an assesment of the value. If products is not as you received them, we reserve the right to refuse refund.

When ordering profiles that we have been cut from full rolls, you will loose the ability to return the item, because its not likely that we can sell the excact same size again. You will have to ask us if you have bought more than 10m, because me might want to help you, and offer a full refund.

Shipping costs for returning goods.

PLProfiles will return your money within 30 days in accordance with the Consumer Contracts Act § 12c.
In most cases this is done within 2 working days of receipt.

To return the goods

There are two ways in which you can return the items:

- You may refuse to accept the goods from the post office.
- Use the 14 days return policy offered by PLProfiles.
We ask you to enclose a copy of the invoice for the goods purchased, which will make processing quicker.

The return address is the following:

Profillageret ApS
Platinvej 61
DK-6000 Kolding

We will issue a refund to the credit card you used to purchase your order.

Returning products takes place at the buyer's own expense! 

All products returned to must be securely wrapped.

Do you have any questions, please fell free to call us, or send us an email, and we will answer as quick as possible.